Born from Collaboration:

ICS is organised by Composites Connections, a joint venture and powerful partnership between Composites UK and The Fluency Business Group.

Composites UK is the leading Trade Body for composites in the UK, representing the entire supply chain from raw materials to finished products. Its aim is to support the industry so that it may continue to grow and participate in the increasingly competitive world of global composite production. To achieve this its mission is to enhance and promote the safe and effective use of composites.

The Fluency Business Group is a global specialist full-service marketing and communications partner focused on the Advanced Materials and Advanced Engineering sectors. Fluency has over 30 years combined experience and a wealth of expertise within these industries. It has access to a huge global network of customers, partners, investors and influencers with a proven track record of creating dynamic and successful industry gatherings.

Working together, this recognised a critical need: a UK-based exhibition focused exclusively on composites. In response, ICS was brought to life in 2021, re-igniting face-to-face business interaction and fostering industry growth post-pandemic.

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